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Cautions for cutting edge of plate shearing machine

Cautions for cutting edge of plate shearing machine

1, the plate shearing machine should be responsible for the use and custody of a special person. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool.

2. It is strictly prohibited to use the plate shearing machine over load. No shear hardening steel, hard steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, castings and non-metallic materials.

3. The blade edge should be kept sharp, dull or damaged, and should be polished or replaced in time.

4, multi-person operation should have special command, coordination to coordinate.

5. It is forbidden to shear two kinds of materials of different specifications at the same time on the plate shearing machine, and no overlapping shearing is allowed.

6. When the cutting plate is fed, the handle is prohibited to promote the operation under the pressing plate. When cutting short material, another iron plate should be pressed, and the finger should leave the knife edge at least 200 mm.

7, with the skid holding on the line, should immediately skid holding out before cutting, such as the iron plate has moved, the application of wooden pillow sealed, so as not to press the foot after the skid holding pop-up wounding.

8, cut the workpiece must be placed smoothly, do not pile up too high, not stacked in the aisle. To clean up the scraps in time and keep the site clean and tidy

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