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Based on S7-200PLC plate shearing machine fixed length control system electrical control part design

Automatic plate shearing machine is an automatic production equipment for automatic length fixing,

automatic cutting and automatic delivery to the next process through the material carrier according to the requirements of the production process.

Because the working conditions of automatic plate shearing machine are generally quite bad and the processing requirements of the plate are also higher,

so the control equipment of automatic plate shearing machine should have high precision and strong anti-interference ability.

From the requirements of the plate shearing machine, we think the control equipment is suitable for PLC.

PLC is a combination of automatic control technology, computer technology and communication technology,

in its hardware design using shielding, filtering, photoelectric isolation technology to make it has a very high reliability and strong anti-interference ability,

has been widely used in modern industrial production. With the continuous development of science and technology,

the function of PLC is also constantly enhanced to adapt to the requirements of modern control.

This paper takes industrial automatic plate shearing machine as the research object.

Through the process of automatic shearing machine, control requirements and understanding of its working principle of the analysis of a general idea,

the design of the electrical transmission part of the design and PLC sequence flow chart,

explore the automatic length of automatic shearing machine design scheme, combined with the

PLC sequence flow chart prepared the next machine PLC program. The upper computer uses MCGS

configuration software to make a man-machine interface for monitoring.

The automatic plate shearing machine controlled by PLC has the advantages of simple operation,

good system stability, high efficiency and cost saving under the premise of ensuring product quality.

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