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Portable laser cleaning machine to clean the head physical

  1. Portable laser cleaning machine Product overview

The maximum single pulse energy of the portable laser cleaning machine is 1.5 MJ, with perfect laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability. Laser head scanning system using Germany imported small high-speed motor and drive, laser head as a whole is very portable, can be used for long-term handheld operation, but also easy to integrate with the manipulator. The Portable Laser Cleaner also comes with a remote wireless controller for applications that require mobile devices.

Second, product characteristics

  1. The end of the output cable is light and compact.
  2. Collimating output, collimating spot size can be customized,
  3. The laser cleaning head is light and light, the weight is only 620g (without armoured cable), it can be operated by hand for a long time.
  4. Red light assists focusing, and the focusing position can be adjusted according to different field mirrors.
  5. Wireless control, can achieve remote parameter adjustment and light control.
  6. Portable pull rod box design, the weight of the whole machine is 28kg, you can take high-speed rail or air consignment.
  7. High strength injection molding box, stable structure, wear-resisting, shockproof and drop resistant.

Three, the scope of application

  1. Removing rust on the metal surface
  2. Surface paint removal and paint removal
  3. Clean oil, stains and dirt on the surface
  4. Surface coating and coating removal
  5. Pretreatment of welding surface and spraying surface
  6. Remove dust and attachments on the surface of the statue
  7. Clean rubber mold residues


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