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Power Press machine adopts special cast iron alloy with high rigidity and shock resistance

J21s-80 above products are equipped with lift balancing cylinder, balancing the weight of the slider, the upper die itself, can prevent the transmission system reverse force caused by the phenomenon of leading, so that the movement is very stable, can avoid and eliminate the gap between the connecting rod and the slider, reduce the impact and wear of the stressed parts, prolong the service life of parts, It can prevent the slide block from falling due to brake failure or connecting rod fracture, and effectively protect the damage of machine tools and personal safety.

Special cast iron alloy with high rigidity and shock resistance Power Press machine.

The slider is designed with long guide and equipped with slider balance device to ensure precise and stable operation.

All anti-wear components are automatically lubricated with electronic timing system. If lubricating oil is lacking, the press will stop automatically.

Advanced and simple control system ensures the accuracy of slider running and stopping.

Can be matched with any automated production requirements, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

The center of gravity balance Power Press machine

1. The transmission center and the overall center of the machine tend to be consistent, to ensure the accuracy and stability of stamping.

2. The machine adopts two slider balancers to ensure the machine keeps a balanced operation.

Reliable and safe operation

The clutch/brake device is highly sensitive, coupled with the international top double electromagnetic device and overload protection device, to ensure accurate and safe operation and stop of the press slider.

Slider adjustment mechanism

Adjust precision up to 0.1mm, adjust production more safe and fast.

Stable high precision

Crankshaft, gear, gear shaft and other friction parts are hardened after heat treatment and then grinding processing, with high wear resistance and balance, stable performance.

Processing automation, labor-saving

Can be matched with any automatic feeding mechanism, automatic production, reduce costs, improve efficiency.

Environmental protection

Advanced design concept, low noise, low consumption, energy saving.

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