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Press Brake 8ft*8mm safety operating procedures for attention

Press Brake 8ft*8mm safety operating procedures for attention

1) it is necessary for the operator to go through professional training and license, and it is necessary for the special person to operate the CNC bending machine to wear labor protection supplies.

2) Before starting the machine, check the surrounding environment of the CNC bending machine and admit that there is no obstacle before starting the machine. See the daily checklist of the CNC bending machine for the check content.

3) Check the coincidence degree and firmness of the upper and lower molds, and check whether the positioning equipment conforms to the processing requirements.

4) CNC bending machine after starting empty work 1-2 minutes, the upper slider full stroke operation 2-3 times, if found abnormal phenomenon immediately stop troubleshooting after all normal can work.

5) In case of two-person cooperation during work, one person shall be in unified command. The main hand and the deputy shall work closely together to ensure that the cooperative personnel send out bending signals in a safe position.

6) The selection of molds shall be in accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures. It is strictly prohibited to bend the molds that do not fit the thickness of the sheet material.

7) When replacing the mold, press the emergency stop button to close the oil pump. Any body part cannot enter between the upper and lower molds.

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