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The operator must master the knowledge of the hydraulic system of the press brake cnc hydraulic

The hydraulic system of the press brake cnc hydraulic is the main driving mode of its action.

The operator should also learn the corresponding knowledge of the hydraulic system of the bending machine.

The stability of the hydraulic system is related to the stability of the whole press brake cnc hydraulic,

high quality bending machine will also have a safe and reliable hydraulic system.

The axial piston pump (or gear pump) of the machine is the energy source of the system, supplying oil to the system at a constant flow rate and pressure.

The total pressure of the system is set by the relief valve in the overflow generation group, and the specified pressure shall not exceed 25mpa.

Three four-way electromagnetic directional valve is to change the direction of the main oil flow,

one-way throttle valve is to change the use of the work into the east, electromagnetic directional valve is used

exclusively open and closed liquid control one-way valve. Safety valve is to protect the lower chamber oil pressure does not exceed 10mpa

The oil of the bending machine must be kept clean often. After using for a period of time,

it should be replaced according to whether the turbidity and concentration of the oil are normal. Keep the oil pipeline,

oil valve group and Tiger oil device and other components clean.

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