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What factors are related to the bending degree of Profile iron bending machine

  is three-roller bending machine under arc, bed for steel plate structure, do eliminate internal stress processing,

the main roller transmission through the hydraulic system through the hydraulic motor, gear, sprocket transmission to power to do rotary motion two side roller,

This is done in an arc around the collar: the power transmitted through the hydraulic motor and gears to the main roller through the hydraulic

system is transmitted to the primary roller for rotary motion; the supporting roller is mounted on the side roller to enable it to

follow the side roller in an arc motion to ensure the accuracy of the rolled section.

Manufacturing workpiece to achieve a degree of bending must have a kind of equipment to complete, so the bending degree of profile bending machine and what factors?

1, in the same volume, profile bending machine device can produce more power than electrical devices, because the pressure in the profile

bending machine system can be 30 to 40 times larger than the magnetic force in the armature magnetic field. Under the same power,

the profile bending machine device of small volume CNC bending machine, light weight, compact structure.

2. The profile bending machine works smoothly. Due to its light weight, low inertia and quick response, the hydraulic device of the pipe bender is easy to realize quick start,

braking and frequent change of direction. The reversing frequency of hydraulic device of pipe bending machine

can reach 500 times /min when reciprocating rotary motion is realized, and 1000 times /min when reciprocating linear motion is realized by profile bending machine.

3, profile bending machine device can achieve stepless speed regulation in a large range (speed regulation range up to 2000) profile bending machine,

it can also be in the process of running speed regulation.

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