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Q35Y-12 Multi-function lronworker (35Ton Pressure )

Advanced Features of Our Steel Frame Fabrication Machine

Our steel frame fabrication machine is designed with cutting-edge features to ensure durability, precision, and versatility in operations. Let's explore the innovative functionalities that make it a standout choice for your fabrication needs

Robust Steel Frame

The foundation of our machine is a robust steel frame, meticulously crafted to endure rigorous operations while maintaining precision and stability.。

Power Inching on All 5 Work Stations

Experience unparalleled control and accuracy with power inching capability on all five work stations. This feature allows for precise positioning, crucial for intricate fabrication tasks.

Large Punch Table with Scales

The machine is equipped with a large punch table featuring integrated scales. This design element facilitates precise punching with clear measurement indicators, streamlining your fabrication process.

Plate Shear Support Table and Notching Table

Enhance your fabrication versatility with the plate shear support table and notching table. These additions provide the flexibility needed for a wide range of cutting requirements.

Removable Bolster for Punching

For added flexibility in punching operations, our machine features a removable bolster. This allows for seamless adaptation to varying project needs without compromising efficiency.

Adjustable Stroke Controls with Indicators

Ensure precise control and visibility with adjustable stroke controls and indicators. Whether working with flanges, channels, or beams, this feature provides the accuracy needed for exceptional results.

2 Independent Hydraulic Cylinders

Powerful and efficient operation is guaranteed with two independent hydraulic cylinders. This design ensures consistent performance and reliability in your fabrication tasks.

2 Separate Die Openings for Oversized Punching

Accommodate oversized punching requirements effortlessly with two separate die openings. This thoughtful design element expands the machine's capabilities, catering to a wide range of project needs.

Movable Work Light

Illuminate your work area with ease using the movable work light. Proper lighting is essential for precision work, and this feature ensures optimal visibility for enhanced productivity.

2 Shielded Foot Controls

Safety and convenience are paramount in our machine's design. The inclusion of two shielded foot controls allows for safe and easy operation, minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency.

Electric Back Gauge

Achieve accurate and repeatable measurements with the electric back gauge. This feature simplifies the setup process and ensures consistency in your fabrication projects.

5 Working Stations for Wide Applications

With five working stations, our machine offers unparalleled versatility for a variety of fabrication tasks. Whether you're punching, notching, or shearing, this machine is equipped to handle it all with precision and efficiency.

Optional Bending Attachment

Expand the capabilities of our machine with the optional bending attachment. This addition opens up a world of possibilities for bending operations, making it a comprehensive solution for your fabrication needs.

In conclusion, our steel frame fabrication machine combines durability, precision, and versatility to elevate your fabrication projects. From its robust construction to innovative features, each element is designed to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional results. Experience the power of advanced fabrication technology with our machine.


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