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The main features of the Q35Y hydraulic ironworker machine

The main features of the Q35Y hydraulic ironworker machine:

First, the Q35Y hydraulic ironworker machine adopts the absolute top processing technology. The whole frame is welded and made by high temperature quenching treatment, so that the frame has high rigidity and high strength.The tool is treated with special vacuum and high temperature to extend its service life.

The machine is standard equipped with punching station, channel and Angle steel shearing station, thick plate shearing station, round and square steel shearing station, corner cutting station.Optional punching large hole, plate bending, channel steel section punching, louvres and pipe corner cutting accessories.

Three, standard equipped with five working stations and double hydraulic workstations.Work independently at the same time.The machine does not need any horizontal debugging, it can be used after it is placed in place.Optional CNC control system to increase automatic punching, and shear efficiency.

Adopt hydraulic transmission, the whole machine has reasonable structure, light weight, low noise, portable and reliable, and has overload performance.

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