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QA28Y-4X250 Angle notching Machine (35-145 Angle)-Main features

1. QA28Y-4X250 Angle notching Machine (35-145 Angle) Main features :

Use hydraulic under-drive type

Steel plate of whole machine adopts overall welding structure90 fixed-angle cutting

Single-stage & Step-stage operation function select

Positioning device of variable- angle- bit

Centralized lubrication system

2. Specifications :

Model :         4*250

Max. Plate Thickness (mm)   1.Mild steel:0.5-4

2.Stainless steel:0.5-2

Max. Plate Length (mm)  :250

Cutting Angle Range :40-135"

Travel Times (n/min):5

Worktable Height (mm):850

Motor Power(Kw):3

Outline Dimensions:890* 870* 1080


2. Equipment

Pneumatic sheet support system: No

Inverter accuate control:Yes

Light curtains for finger protection:Yes

Back safetysensors:No

Safety standards:CE

Reset button:YES

QA28Y-4X250 Angle notching Machine

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