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QC11K series CNC hydraulic shearing machine features

QC11K series CNC hydraulic shearing machine features

The computer controls the shear Angle through the feedback data of the linear encoder, and the shear stroke through the computer

◆ The computer has a cutting Angle and blade clearance material table, according to the material table computer control blade clearance adjustment amount

◆ France Schneider Electric works stably without trouble

◆ Blade precision is high, up, down, left and right can be exchanged arbitrarily

◆ The working table is Y-shaped structure, with automatic compensation function, higher shearing accuracy

◆ The machine tool is six point type without clearance rolling friction, high shear accuracy

Integrated hydraulic valve set, stable and reliable

Accumulator return, cutting tool rest body smooth operation, shear return conversion without hydraulic impact sound

◆ Imported card sleeve joint, ensure the hydraulic pipe work stable and smooth

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