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QC11X(K) hydraulic (NUMERICAL control) gate plate shearing machine

QC11X(K) series hydraulic (NUMERICAL control) gate type plate shearing machine

★ Adopt all steel welding structure, stress treatment after welding, have enough strength and rigidity.

★ Series cylinder structure, good synchronization performance.

★ With rolling clamping guide rail, not only the tool rest runs smoothly, but also can quickly adjust the blade gap. Tool rest stroke can be stepless adjustment to improve production efficiency.

The upper tool rest adopts internal inclined structure, easy to blanking, improve the accuracy of the workpiece, the stroke of the upper tool rest can be stepless adjustment.

Rectangular blade, four cutting edges can be used, high blade utilization rate, long service life.

Adjustable shear Angle to reduce the distortion of sheet metal.

CNC rear stopper moves quickly and locates accurately.

★ THE CNC system can only control the X axis of the rear stopper, or control the X axis with several auxiliary functions. The CNC system adopts DAC-310, DAC360 or E-200, which can realize automatic positioning of the ordinary electric rear stopper. The positioning accuracy is 0.10mm: it has automatic one-way positioning function, which can eliminate the transmission gap: Can carry out multi-process automatic feed, avoid the interference of rear stopper and workpiece; With power off memory function, the parameters, program location for on-site protection.

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