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Qc11y-12x4000 Gate type plate shearing machine Product features

◆ The second generation of hydraulic plate shearing machine.

◆ The frame adopts the whole welding structure, and the stress elimination treatment, good rigidity, long precision retention.

◆ Advanced integrated hydraulic system ensures stable and reliable performance Qc11y-12x4000 Gate type plate shearing machine.

◆ Adopt three-point supporting rolling guide rail to eliminate the clearance of supporting surface and ensure the shear quality.

The blade gap adopts manual and electric adjustment, the scale and number display value is fast, accurate and convenient.

◆ Rectangular blade, four edges can be used interchangeably, long service life.

Adjustable shear Angle, reduce sheet distortion, improve the quality of parts.

The upper tool rest adopts internal structure design, which is convenient for blanking and improves the precision of the parts.

◆ With length sizing and segmental shearing function, can achieve inching.

Motorized rear stopper, digital display.

◆ Rear stopper, automatic yield.

DURMAPRESS CNC Hydraulic shearing machine with Auto front feeding table and E21S NC Controller,

This machine can help the worker to cut the the metal sheet into specific length according the program was set in the controller,

it can largely improve the working efficiency and cutting accuracy.

Moving pneumatic clamp will position the metal sheet in the right place without any error.

Front feeding table is the independent part for the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine,

workers can remove it and work only on the shearing machine by manual.

Guillotine shearing machine can adjust the cutting angle and the blade gap according

to the metal sheet thickness and material type automatically and its E21S Controller can control the front feeding step distance accurately.

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