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QC11Y-4X2500 Hydaulic Guillotine Shears-Steel plate welded structure, hydraulic transmission

QC11Y-4X2500 Hydaulic Guillotine Shears Features:

  • Steel plate welded structure, hydraulic transmission, nitrogen cylinder return
  • Easy operation, reliable performance, beautiful appearance
  • The blade gap adjustment has a sign indication, the stepless adjustment is light and rapid
  • It has a light alignment device and can adjust the stroke of the top blade holder steplessly.
  • With hydraulic and electrical overload protection
  • Rolling material support ball will reduce the scratch and frictions as well
  • Adopt safety protection fence for the safety of workers
  • Straightness: ±0.10mm for 3m plate cutting
  • 50% faster than others (30 times/min for our 6x2500 shear while others is only 12 times/min)
  • Blade material:6CrW2Si
  • Heat treatment: 55°-60°HB
  • Low noise (70bd), gear pump drive by hydraulic

E21s, E200PS, DAC360S CNC system can be selected

Controller System:

  • High-definition LCD display with Chinese and English language options. Programming parameters can be displayed on one page, making programming faster and more convenient.
  • Backgauge: Intelligent positioning, manual adjustment can also be performed as needed, and mechanical manual positioning device is eliminated.
  • Shearing stroke: Built-in shearing time relay, easy operation and cost saving.
  • Cutting angle: built-in cutting angle adjustment function, eliminating the angle indicator and buttons.
  • Knife edge clearance: encoder feedback, timely display of knife edge clearance, easy and convenient operation.
  • With one-key parameter backup and recovery function, parameters can be restored at any time as needed, reducing maintenance costs.
  • All keys on the panel are micro switches, which have passed strict tests such as EMC, high and low temperature, and vibration to ensure product stability and service life.
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