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QC11Y- hydraulic sluice type plate shears series  Performance and features

QC11Y- hydraulic sluice type plate shears series  Performance and features:

The second generation of hydraulic plate shears.

◆ The frame adopts the integral welding structure, and the stress elimination treatment, good rigidity, long precision retention.

◆ Adopt advanced integrated hydraulic system, stable and reliable working performance.

◆ Using three-point supporting rolling guide rail to eliminate the gap on the supporting surface and ensure the shearing quality.

Blade clearance adopts manual and electric adjustment, scale and number display value is rapid, accurate and convenient.

Rectangular blade, four cutting edges can be used interchangeably, long service life.

Adjustable shearing Angle, reduce the distortion of sheet material, improve the quality of parts.

◆ The tool rest adopts the inward inclined structure design, which is easy to blanking and improves the precision of the parts.

◆ With the function of length fixing and section cutting, it can realize inching movement.

Motor rear stopper, digital display.

◆ Back stopper, automatic retreat.

Main configuration:

● Hydraulic part: with domestic well-known manufacturers hydraulic system, the main valve with Jining Taifeng or Rexroth hydraulic

● Equipped with domestic famous brand rodent pump (America Hetco)

● With domestic famous oil cylinder, the main sealing parts for Huerka or Dingji

● Electrical part: with SNC18, E21S digital display, with Siemens Beder main motor \ Siemens electrical components

● Other main parts: with Shanghai blade, with the front bracket

● CNC shearing machine with: imported Dutch CNC system, Germany Doctor hydraulic system;

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