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Qc12k-16 ×5000 CNC hydraulic plate shears

Qc12k-16 ×5000 CNC hydraulic plate shears

● The latest design of the structure, greatly improve the strength of the fuselage Qc12k-16 ×5000 CNC hydraulic plate shears;

● Servo motor and oil pump combined control system, can improve work efficiency by 10%;

● Servo motor controlled hydraulic system can reduce the machine tool waiting noise and energy consumption, energy consumption can be reduced by more than 30%, while greatly improving the service life of hydraulic components.

● LGS gate type hydraulic plate shearing machine is selected for the host machine

●CNC controlled automatic feeding mechanism, can improve work efficiency

● Rolling steel ball and brush mixed work table, reduce the surface of the sheet scratches

● After setting, flip pneumatic support to reduce the error caused by sheet metal traction

● The NUMERICAL control system is DELEM DAC350 from Holland

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