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QC12Y-6×6000 plate shearing machine structure characteristics-Structure of the whole machine & Technology and process

QC12Y-6×6000 plate shearing machine structure characteristics:

I. Structure of the whole machine

The whole machine adopts all steel welding structure, wall panel, worktable, tool rest body and other welding parts vibration to eliminate stress, with good rigidity and stability.

II. QC12Y-6×6000 plate shearing machineTechnology and process

1. This machine is a new generation of hydraulic plate shears. Adopt advanced hydraulic integrated valve block. Compact structure, reduce pipeline connection, improve the reliability and easy maintainability of the system.

2, the series cylinder makes the machine tool in the shear, the cylinder synchronization, shearing Angle will not change.

3. The mounting surface of the blade on the tool rest is a spiral surface, which ensures the uniformity of the blade clearance in the shear process and the good quality of the shear section. The sub-shaft supports the upper tool rest to swing up and down, and the eccentric mechanism quickly adjusts the blade clearance to improve the shearing accuracy.

4, the accumulator return is stable and rapid.

5, the upper blade diamond, the lower blade rectangle, material 6CrSi, good hardness, long life.

6. The gap between the upper and lower blade blade is adjusted by the handle, and the dial indicates the value. The adjustment is portable, rapid, correct and reliable.

7. The stroke of the tool rest can be adjusted stepless, and the pressing force can be adjusted automatically with the thickness of the shear plate.

8, Equipped with light alignment device, electric mechanical rear stopper, and can be manually fine-tuned, stopper size and shear times have digital display device, easy to use.

9, protective grid and electrical interlock, electrical box is equipped with power switch and mechanical interlock device, to ensure the safety of operation and maintenance.

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