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QC12Y- Hydraulic pendulum shear series Performance & features & Main configuration

QC12Y- Hydraulic pendulum shear series  Performance and features:

● The machine adopts steel plate welding structure, vibration aging to eliminate stress, with good rigidity and stability;

● Hydraulic transmission, tool rest pendulum movement to achieve shear, synchronous reliable, smooth movement;

● Rapid and synchronous adjustment of blade clearance, dial indicating value;

● Fast movement of rear stopper, manual fine tuning, counter display value;

● With light lighting device, convenient manual marking and cutting;

● Stepless adjustment of tool rest stroke effectively improves working efficiency.

QC12Y- Hydraulic pendulum shear series  Main configuration:

● Hydraulic part: hydraulic system with well-known domestic manufacturers, the main valve parts with Jining Taifeng or Beijing Huade

● With domestic famous brand internal gear pump (Shanghai Chengjie or SHANGhaifa), plunger pump (Shanghai Kangting)

● Equipped with domestic famous brand oil cylinder, the main sealing parts are Hualka or Dingji, Siemens electrical components

● Electrical part: the main electrical is Siemens electric, optional Siemens Bede main motor, Nantong Hengli motor;

● Other main parts: with Shanghai blade, with the front bracket

● CNC shears with: imported Dutch CNC system, German doctor hydraulic system

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