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QC12Y series CNC hydraulic plate shears performance and characteristics

QC12Y series CNC hydraulic  plate shears performance and characteristics:

Adopt steel welded structure, hydraulic transmission, nitrogen cylinder return;

Easy to operate, reliable performance, beautiful appearance;

The blade gap adjustment is indicated by a signboard, and the adjustment is portable and rapid.

It is equipped with lighting device for line alignment, and can open the level to adjust the amount of the stroke of the tool holder;

The working area adopts the fence type personal safety protection device;

Digital display device for rear stopper size and shearing times.

Two, QC12Y series CNC hydraulic pendulum plate shears performance characteristics:

1, hydraulic transmission, pendulum type tool rest. The overall welding of the frame is hard and durable, and the return trip with nitrogen cylinder is stable and rapid.

2. With the function of stepless adjustment of stroke, the clearance of upper and lower blades is adjusted by the handle, and the clearance of blades is uniform, fast and easy to adjust.

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