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Safety operation rules for hydraulic bending machines

1, machine operator must be familiar with the main structure, performance and use of hydraulic bending machines.

2, strictly abide by the safety operation rules of machine tools, wear labor protection equipment according to the provisions. Stick to your job,

Operate the equipment carefully and do nothing unrelated to your job. Shut down and turn off the power when leaving the equipment.

3, the upper and lower molds should be cleaned and wiped clean before starting. Check the oil level of the oil tank and start the oil pump to check the hydraulic pipe

Channel, oil pump is abnormal. Pay close attention to the working condition of each part of the equipment and check the upper and lower parts of the equipment.

The overlap degree of the mold; Whether the indicator of pressure gauge is in accordance with the regulations. In case of abnormal sound, vibration, temperature rise,

Odor, smoke, uncoordinated action, failure and other phenomena, should be stopped immediately for inspection, troubleshooting and then continue


4, do not overload the use of the machine. Adjust the lower die notch according to the thickness of the material to be folded. Die mouth size is average

Be equal to 6~8 times sheet material thickness.

5, from the sheet bending force number or bending force calculation formula of the workpiece bending oil pressure, workpiece bending oil pressure shall not be large

In the 1000 kn.

6. When bending the narrow sheet, the working pressure of the system should be properly reduced to avoid damage to the mold.

7. When adjusting the stroke of the slider, it should be ensured that the adjustment amount is less than 100 to avoid damage to the machine.

8. Before bending, the clearance between the upper and lower molds should be adjusted uniformly.

9, when bending, do not put your hand between the molds, long and narrow materials can not be held by hand. Bend only one piece at a time,

Not many sections are bent at the same time. Multi-person operation, should be commanded by one person, the workpiece turns over or advances, both sides

Operation personnel close contact with the same action, ensure that the personnel are in a safe position to bend.

10, bending sheet should be placed in the middle of the mold, the machine should not be unilateral load, so as not to affect the workpiece and machine accuracy,

If some workpiece really need unilateral work, its load shall not be greater than 250KN, and must be bent at the same time.

11, it is forbidden to fold super thick iron plate or quenched steel plate, senior alloy steel, square steel and beyond the performance of sheet bending machine

To avoid damage to the machine. Welding scar and large burr are not allowed on the material to prevent mold damage.

12. Each part of the machine tool should always be lubricated. Each shift should be filled with lubricating oil by the operator once

Overhaul and maintenance once. Before shutdown, the upper die falls into the v-groove of the lower die.

13. After operation, the oil pump should be shut off and the power supply cut off. Do a good job of machine tools and environmental cleaning.

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