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Correct opening of shearing machine 10x6000 after flood

1. Check the electrical components. If water is found, replace them. After switching on the power supply, test whether the outside of the machine is electrified with an electric pen.

After closing the main switch, open the machine button switches one by one after the empty load has been running for a period of time.

When using, be sure to guard against abnormal sound, burning smell, smoke and other conditions.

In case of relevant circumstances, cut off the power supply for inspection at the first time shearing machine 10x6000.

2. Check the oil pool and oil tank of the machine tool. If water is found, clean the oil pool and oil tank; Use the cleaning oil to clean the hydraulic line.

Replace the oil inlet filter element and filter element of the oil pump. Hydraulic oil and spindle oil should be replaced according to the machine tool instruction manual.

3. Water is found in the guide rail of the machine tool, so first-level maintenance is required;

Lift the worktable, lift the grinding wheel frame, clean the guide rail, and wash with cleaning oil.

After the machine is powered on, adjust the pressure of each part and adjust the amount of lubricating oil according to the requirements of the Machine Tool Instruction Manual.

4. Before using the machine tool, it is recommended to open the oil pump, head frame, grinding wheel spindle, Z-axis round-trip motion, X-axis round-trip motion; Idle operation for 2 hours. Make each part fully lubricated.

5. If water enters the water tank, clean it. Add chip liquid and clean the internal tank of the machine according to the ratio of chip liquid required.

6. If you have any problem in resuming production and use, please contact us in time. We will take emergency measures to provide you with reliable solutions.

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