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How to adjust the pressure of shearing machine 10x6000

Shearing machine 10x6000 pressure is calculated according to the tensile strength of the plate.

If you plate performance is not the same, although the calculation is the same, but the actual force is not the same.

2 if the external factors are the same, just the problem of the bending machine, it can be adjusted in two places.

One is to adjust the tensile strength of the panel in the system, and the other is to adjust the DA value in the system setting.

Because do not know what system you use, bad tell you specific method.

However, this problem is not necessarily completely abnormal, long-term overload, or external power supply instability,

or increased friction of machine parts may lead to this phenomenon, must pay attention to more maintenance!

1, direct Angle programming, with Angle compensation function.

2, grating ruler real-time detection feedback correction, full closed-loop control,

the positioning accuracy of rear stopper and slide block dead stopper is ±0.02mm.

3. The upper die adopts fast clamping device, and the lower die adopts oblique wedge deformation compensation mechanism.

4, with multi-step programming function, can realize multi-automatic operation,

complete multi-step parts one-time processing, improve production efficiency.

5, according to user needs can choose stable performance, compact structure of imported hydraulic system,

rear stopper can choose ball screw, synchronous belt drive.

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