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HDP S2 electrohydraulic servo sheet bending machine

1, the integrated electro-hydraulic servo control system, so that the machine to achieve high positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy,

to ensure the size of the processing objects precision and stability; At the same time,sheet bending machine

the running speed is greatly improved, greatly improving the processing efficiency.

2. The upper workbench of the frame is fixed by inclined block. Compared with the welded frame,

there will be no skew and warping, and the high accuracy can be maintained after long-term use.

At the same time, for the micro-elastic deformation of the processing time frame, the working table can be adjusted forward.

3, the driving device is collected in the lower part of the main body of the machine sheet bending machine,

using the working platform to move up the way of bending, wide bending space can complete other models can not process the workpiece.

4. The main cylinder is installed in the middle shaft of the lower machine,

and the central pressure is adopted to prevent the insufficient force in the middle of the folded parts.

The skew difference of the upper and lower mesa is restrained to the minimum when the pressure is applied,

and the high precision product processing is realized.

5, before and after the table movement, left and right directions are configured with roller guide mechanism,

so that the table can move very smoothly, and can conveniently adjust the gap between the roller and guide block,

so the parallelism of the upper and lower table will be maintained correctly.

6, the use of split mold, a person can easily change the mold, equipped with fast clamping middle plate,

the use of fine scale, Angle adjustment is simple and accurate.

7, with fast forward conversion, lower dead point calendring and other functions,

can ensure that the operator accurate line and reduce the rebound of the workpiece, to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.

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