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The composition of the touch tool of the sheet metal press brake

When using sheet metal press brake mould slot also is critical, the choice of many processing purpose cannot be achieved during the production process

is because of the notch is caused by improper selection, in general, notch is set to and the selection of materials, and should and the thickness

of materials into a certain proportion, specific need combined with the actual production situation to decide,

Staff also need to master specific operating skills and methods

Before each use of the bending machine, start the oil pump first.

When the oil pump is in stable operation, other operations can be carried out.

Do not set parameters or adjust the stroke when the oil pump is unstable, which will affect the work efficiency.

CNC bending machine mould of this device is simple and reasonable structure,

is made up of many different components, each part plays a unique role, it is now used by bending machine with a lot of technical

improvement and development, so the efficiency is higher, in the process of the users in the use of analysis to check

machine at ordinary times, need to the structure characteristics of the equipment to have certain knowledge,

It also needs to be done in the right way Workers operate tasks.

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