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Sheet metal processing technology details - BS3015T-3000W fiber laser cutting machine

BS3015T-3000W fiber laser cutting machine technology is a key part of sheet metal processing technology, and it is one of the more excellent cutting processing technology recognized all over the world. With the continuous development trend of production and manufacturing and the continuous progress of industrial production and processing technology, laser cutting technology also develops rapidly with the trend, and its application in sheet metal processing is more and more common, and gives full play to the incomparable effect of other processing technology.

BS3015T-3000W Laser cutting machine

Can be widely and widely used in cutting general thick steel plate, carbide tool and stainless steel plate and many other metal properties of raw materials, and porcelain, laminated glass, plywood and many other non-metallic material properties of chemicals.

Laser cutting machine in the work of the management system is divided into three key parts: CNC lathe, laser generator and its automatic control system.

As part of the nerve center of the entire management system, the head of the automatic control system needs to monitor the normal operation of all system software.

The basic principle of laser cutting

The laser can generate tens of thousands of degrees of heat on hard raw materials no matter how hard they are. The raw materials can be cut in an instant, causing a strong shock wave, so that chemicals can be gush and cut in an instant in an inflammable way. Because of this unique characteristic, laser cutting machine can laser focus on the surface of raw materials to be processed at a certain point to cause and promote the transformation of laser energy, in addition, in a slightly short time, the temperature of the laser concentration point rapidly rises to the dissolution point of raw materials, and then rises to the melting point, so that the raw materials do vaporization, and then produce a small round hole.

On the other hand, under the manipulation and actual operation of the laser cutting machine, the laser carries out the transformation in accordance with its preset moving way. Throughout the whole process, the surface of the raw material to be processed is continuously vaporized, leaving a thin and long slit along the path of the laser.

Laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing specific application and advantages

① Laser cutting can reasonably use the advantages of numerical control programming software, greatly improve the utilization rate of metal sheet type raw materials, reduce the application and consumption of raw materials, and alleviate the labor efficiency and range of workers, so as to achieve an ideal practical effect. On the other hand, improving the versatility of the cutting can save the cutting stage of sheet metal cutting, reasonably reduce the clamping of raw materials, and reduce the processing auxiliary time. Therefore, to promote the cutting plan more effective distribution, reasonable improvement of processing efficiency and raw material saving;

(2) In an increasingly developing market environment, the rate of product development and design represents the sales market. The application of laser cutting machine can reasonably reduce the total number of mold applications, save the development progress of new products, and promote the speed of its development and design. Parts after laser cutting after good quality, and productivity significantly enhanced, conducive to the production of small batch production, strong and powerful to ensure the progress of commodity development is decreasing sales market atmosphere, and the use of laser cutting can carry out the precise and accurate positioning of the size of the blanking die, for the future mass production foreshadowed under the solid foundation;

③ In the work of sheet metal processing, basically all the sheet parts must be formed at the last time in the laser cutting machine, and carry out immediate electric welding. Therefore, the use of laser cutting machine reduces the process flow and construction period, reasonably improves the work efficiency, can complete the two-way improvement and reduction of the labor efficiency and processing costs of the staff, and promote the improvement of the office environment. Greatly improve the speed of product research and development progress, reduce mold investment, reasonable cost control;

(4) The wide use of laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing, can reasonably reduce the processing and manufacturing cycle time of new products, greatly reduce the capital investment of mold shell, etc.; Greatly improve the processing speed of workers, save the redundant processing procedures; In addition, the wide use of laser cutting machine in industrial production and processing, can reasonably process a variety of complex parts, improve the accuracy, is conducive to immediately reduce the processing cycle time, improve the accuracy of processing, save the metal mold dismantling procedures, reasonably improve labor efficiency.

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