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Why Choose CL-100 Simple & Small laser cleaning machine

1.Why Choose CL-100 Simple & Small laser cleaning machine

It can work offline and can be cleaned after power on

Laser collimation output, output spot size can be customized (default 4mm spot)

The laser cleaning head is extremely lightweight, weighs only 620g (without armor cable), and can be operated by hand for a long


Patented red light assisted focusing technology, can adjust the focus position according to different field lenses

Wireless control, can realize parameter setting and light control remotely, and update the parameters at any time

Portable trolley case design, the weight of the whole machine is 28kg, and it can be transported by high-speed rail or air


Super integrated injection molding chassis, cushioning design, stable structure, wear resistance, shock resistance and drop


2.Success points

(1) Pioneered simple and integrated integration design all over the world.

(2)Pioneered high-low exchange platform and pioneered patented design in China and it will take 15s for one

exchange at thehighest speed.

(3)The cast-aluminum beam is die-cast and molded with 10t of steel mould for the first time in the industry, with good

rigidityand high strength, whose weight is 1/2 of that of the traditional welded iron beam.

Remarks :

1.The above-mentioned devices is our standard , if have some other requiremenmt or options , please let us know.

2.Two years warranty for whole machine except fiber cable, lens, mirror and other consumable parts. Force

majeure clause like natural disaster, war, human factor are also excluded.

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