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What kind of stainless steel CNC bending machine is more applicable?

Stainless steel CNC bending machine tooling process for forging - tempered - commonly coarse milling - rough plane - heat treatment - coarse

- fine grinding - demagnetization - test - test - packaging warehousing stainless steel CNC bending machine.

CNC bending machine mold material generally used T8 or T10, better 42CrMo, Cr12mov material, etc.,

it mainly requires high strength, high toughness and good wear resistance, choose cold die steel.

42CrMo is mainly used for CNC bending machine mold. The practical performance can be met, and the process performance is good.

The precision of the CNC bending machine we made is: the parallelism and straightness of the upper die are 0.02mm,

and the center tolerance is less than 10 seconds; Lower die parallelism straightness 0.03mm, slot tolerance less than 10 seconds.

Another is the mold design, from my design point of view,

1, in order to choose the appropriate bending machine mold for NUMERICAL control bending machine equipment, first of all,

the type of bending machine should have a global grasp, the specific need to understand the brand,

size and actual tonnage of the bending machine and so on. After being familiar with these factors, the selection of molds can be based on these data.

2, if the NUMERICAL control bending machine because the service life is too long to lead to the brand is unclear to see,

it is recommended to try to send the sample of the numerical control bending machine mold to the manufacturer to customize this specification.

3, if the production involves the use of CNC bending machine die, the matching degree between the upper and lower die requirements are usually higher.

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