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T30 mechanical CNC punch, is the most stable and reliable product on the market

T30 mechanical CNC punch, is the most stable and reliable product on the market, with the characteristics of high stamping frequency -240 times/min, less power consumption -2 degrees/hour.

Nominal force 300 kN, processing plate size is 5000×1250□ 1500□ 2000□ (including A repositioning) mm, control X, Y, C, T, A axis; The Windows operating system is bundled with the core CNCKAD application. CAD two-dimensional graphics programming; Batch drag way to deal with DXF, DWG or IGES format files, directly row.

Servo system - Japan Fuji AC servo motor and servo amplification unit; Stamping power -30 tons; The body is welded with closed steel plate. Linear guide rail, ball screw all imported; 16-32 sets of standard mold are configured.

Main performance features:T30 mechanical CNC punch

(I) Protection function:

1. Clamp stamping protection, when running to clamp area, the clamp will automatically avoid.

2. Touch protection: when installing or replacing the mold, X and Y axes are forbidden to move after the overturned platform falls down automatically.

3. Stroke protection. When the stroke reaches the limit, it will stop automatically to avoid collision.

4. Self-diagnosis protection function, when software, system or electrical failure will automatically alarm, remind check and elimination.

5. Air pressure protection function, when the air pressure is too low, it will alarm and stop working, to avoid damage to the clutch.

6. Voltage protection, when the voltage fluctuation is too large, alarm and stop, avoid damage to the servo system, electrical components and software programs.

7. Lubrication protection, the equipment for automatic lubrication, when there is a fault will alarm and stop working.

(two) stamping main body: the main body adopts the integral body, widened type design, one-time welding, tempering, one-time processing molding.

(3) Seamless table: seamless table design, to avoid the plate moving process and the table collision, dust protection guide rail, lead screw.

(4) Turning table: the side auxiliary platform adopts cylinder control turning design, which is convenient to change the mold.

(five) turret structure: wheel material 40Cr, large processing center in pairs processing; German set wheel is used.

(6) clamp: the full floating clamp has the function of automatic avoidance, to achieve no blind area processing of the plate.

(7) Rotating station: rotating station is a unique worm and turbine structure, and the main parts are imported from Germany.

(8) beam: the drag plate and beam are specially designed to locate accurately and move more smoothly, eliminating the dynamic deviation of X and Y axes.

(nine) system: automatic search, select the most suitable mold to process, the nearest path, and display stamping time, processing amount, mold life, etc.

Vii. Characteristics and functions of numerical control system

(1) Real-time processing graphics display, convenient and intuitive.

(2) Advanced network cable communication, high integration, fast data reading, transmission, strong anti-interference ability.

(3) CAD, DXF format graphic direct conversion processing programs.

(4) Recognition of international general G code, simple and convenient operation.

(5) International RS232 standard interface, convenient to communicate with the computer.

(6) Field programming, background programming, parameter programming and other functions, Chinese display.

(7) With graphics simulation stamping function, breakpoint processing function, one-button operation, cycle start.

(8) It is convenient to back up system parameters, ladder diagram and processing program, and realize online processing of large capacity processing program.

(9) Using nanometer as unit for interpolation, position detection and servo control, high-speed and high-precision machining can be realized.

(10) High degree of integration and use of special software; Short startup time, automatic data saving when sudden power failure.

(11) with self-diagnosis function, limit protection, clamp protection function.

(12) With mold compensation function.

(13) With pitch compensation function.

(14) With reverse clearance compensation function.

(15) have coordinate offset function.

(16) with repositioning function.

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