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Precautions for operation of Table Type CNC plasma cutting machine

Precautions for operation of Table Type CNC plasma cutting machine

I. Matters needing attention before operation:

1. The operator must be familiar with the performance, structure and transmission system of the machine and master the operating procedures.

2. Before starting the equipment, check whether all parts are in good condition, do a good job of lubrication according to the lubrication requirements, and check whether the pipe interface is firm.

3. Check whether the vertical and horizontal movement of the equipment frame, the plasma cutting machine and the cutting weight adjustment are flexible and normal.

II. Operation Notes:

1. Put the plates that need to be cut on the working table in a proper position, and the plates should not touch the track.

2. Make the program according to the drawing or software, if necessary, make empty cutting, check whether the program is accurate.

3. When cutting, start the plasma cutting machine first, find the cut point, adjust the cutting parameters, turn on the air source, start the plasma cutting machine, and enter the program control cutting.

4. When cutting, it is strictly prohibited to stand on the cut plate and rack track, and shall not tamper with electrical components and transmission components.

5. Always keep the drive rack, rail and drive steel belt clean to ensure the accuracy of operation.

6. Special attention should be paid to the cleaning and maintenance of the control platform, and the processing programming should be carried out under the guidance and assistance of technical personnel.

7. When hoisting boards with driving cooperation, the operating rules of driving operation and ground (hook) operation safety technology shall be strictly observed and closely cooperated.

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