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Industry 4.0 and the production of bending machines

Industry 4.0, as a representative of the fourth industrial revolution, is triggering an industrial revolution worldwide. Its unique way of changing the traditional manufacturing industry, integrating intelligence, automation and networking into the production process, opens up a new path for global industrial development. Our company will continue to meet the challenge of integrating Industry 4.0 with our own business to increase production capacity and improve product quality.

How to build an MES system in the sheet metal industry?

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In the sheet metal industry, which involves the forming, processing, and welding of metal sheets to produce various metal products for industries such as electrical appliances, communications, automobiles, and furniture, MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) plays a pivotal role. Main products include chassis, cabinets, sheet metal parts, and metal cabinets, among others.  Sheet metal processing is a common manufacturing process that, despite the diversity of its classifications and corresponding processing differences, generally involves the application of pressure to deform metal sheets,… Read More »How to build an MES system in the sheet metal industry?

How is the MES system applied to laser-cutting equipment?

What is the MES system? The MES system refers to the Manufacturing Execution System. It is an information system used to monitor and control the production process and activities in a factory, ensuring production efficiency and effectiveness. The MES system bridges the gap between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and production control systems like PLCs and SCADAs, providing real-time production data and analysis to decision-makers. Key functionalities of the MES system Production scheduling and tracking Data collection and analysis… Read More »How is the MES system applied to laser-cutting equipment?

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