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Why Does the Bending Machine Cause Curvature in the Middle of the Plate?

The curvature of the plate in the middle, formed by the bending machine, is determined by the R Angle, which is typically associated with the thickness of the plate. If the middle bend deviates from the technical requirements, it is termed as "fold out," indicating that the straightness of the parts does not meet the specified standards. Here are some methods for addressing this issue:

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  1. Unevenness of Upper and Lower Knives: Check for any unevenness in the upper and lower knives, which may result in the mold offsetting the included Angle. While the Angle might be consistent, the straightness may be insufficient. Adjust the molds to ensure parallelism and correct the included Angle.

  2. Deflection Compensation: Lack of deflection compensation, similar to every pair of molds, can lead to displacement. It is important to ensure proper deflection compensation to maintain accurate bending.

  3. Measuring Parallelism: Use a height ruler to measure the parallelism between the upper slider and the lower table. If the molds are parallel, investigate other potential causes. If there is inconsistency in the Angle, adjust the inclined block to reduce the error. If the upper and lower molds are in order, uneven pressure in the bending machine or deformation of the upper tool holder may be the issue. Adjust the pressure or use thin sheets of paper at the bottom of the mold to rectify the problem.

  4. Slider Adjustment: If the middle Angle is too large, especially a common issue with the slider, it can be resolved by adjusting the slider. This step is crucial in preventing such bending machine problems.

  5. Three Cylinders with Middle Oil Cylinder: To avoid such bending issues, consider using three cylinders and adding an oil cylinder in the middle. This configuration helps distribute pressure more evenly, reducing the risk of improper bending.

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In conclusion, addressing the fold out of straightness involves a thorough examination of mold alignment, deflection compensation, slider adjustment, and potentially modifying the machine configuration for more uniform pressure distribution. These measures ensure that the bending process meets technical requirements and produces parts with the desired straightness. If you have any specific concerns or areas you'd like to explore further, feel free to let me know!

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