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The Russian Customer's "Unexpected" Discovery: From Press Brake to CNC Press Brake

First Encounter in 2021

 In 2021, a Russian client approached us through our Ali Express store. At the time, he was looking to purchase a press brake machine. Our salesperson Mandy comprehensively communicated  the details of the press brake with him.

Two Years of Persistence and Trust

Over the next two years, we consistently kept in touch with him. Our team tirelessly explained the machine's requirements and operational details, always aiming to provide him with the most suitable product and service.

An Unexpected Discovery

During an unexpected moment, the client noticed our shipment information for press brakes. That's when he realized that we weren't just suppliers of press brakes, but a specialized manufacturer of CNC press brakes. This unexpected revelation pleasantly surprised him, deepening his trust in our products and services.

Quick Order Placement

Once he grasped our professional background, the client acted swiftly. Within just a week, he placed an order for our CNC Servo press brake – model MB8-400T4100. This machine, equipped with the Delem DA66T system and an 8+1 axis configuration, weighs close to 30 tons, categorizing it as a truly "heavyweight" product.

Customer Satisfaction and High Praise

After the goods are produced, we filmed a demonstration video for the client to provide a more visual understanding of the product. After viewing, the client expressed immense satisfaction with our product. This also stands as the best appreciation for our long-term communication and professional service.

This collaboration once again highlighted the importance of professionalism, patience, and genuine care when dealing with every customer. We are grateful to all our partners who trust us. We remain committed to continually striving to provide even better products and services for everyone.

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