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Application of three - roll plate machine in the attention to detail

Levels of three-roller plate type, for this kind of plate bending rolls, its concrete, is the matters needing attention for some of its operation,

so that we can know and understand more, thus would step further in the field of plate bending rolls,

so as to achieve learning goals, also can let oneself benefit, application of three-roller plate in the attention to details.

Under the horizontal mode of three-roll plate rolling machine, the operation of the matters needing attention are:

(1) the upper roll surface and the lower roll surface of the rolling machine are not directly in contact with each other.

(2) When the lower roller and the supporting roller seat move horizontally,

the left and right cylinder of the upper roller can not be pressurized or other operations.

(3) if the steel plate is to be rolled, then it should be polished and cleaned first, so as to avoid problems when rolling.

(4) if the use of the pad for steel plate leveling, then the hardness of the pad, should not be higher than the hardness of the work roll.

(5) If the machine is rolled or leveled, it is not allowed to slip and other phenomena.

(6) if the workpiece is in a clamping state, then the horizontal mobile device in the machine is not able to start.

(7) The horizontal moving screw in the equipment should be cleaned and lubricated in time to avoid problems such as sticking and strain in the process of use.

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