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TPM8 series CNC bending machine performance characteristics:

TPM8 series CNC bending machine performance characteristics:

● The machine body is optimized by finite element to ensure high strength and high rigidity when the machine is used.

● Compared with the traditional CNC bending machine, increase liquid filling flow, oil pump displacement, Y axis movement frequency compared with the mainstream bending machine market increase about 25%.

● High frequency proportional valve is used to ensure high stability and precision in the process of high-speed operation.

● Increase the sealing height, throat depth, slide stroke, etc., convenient to bend and take large and complex workpiece.

● Standard mechanical deflection automatic compensation system, solve the slider in the process of bending deformation

on the workpiece quality, convenient and accurate.

Precautions for safe operation of bending machine:

1. Check the consistency and firmness of the upper and lower molds; Check whether the positioning device is in line with the processing requirements.

2. When the upper slide plate and each positioning axis are not in the origin state, run the back to the origin program.

3. After the equipment is started, it will run for 1-2 minutes, and the skateboard will move for 2-3 times in full journey. If there is abnormal sound or fault, it should stop immediately and remove the fault. After everything is normal, it can work.

4. When working, it should be under the unified command of 1 person, so that the operator and the feeding pressing personnel closely cooperate, to ensure that the coordination personnel are in the safe position of the bending signal.

5. The sheet must be compacted when bending to prevent the sheet from becoming warped when bending.

6. The power supply must be cut off when the plate pressing die is adjusted.

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