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What are the characteristics of tube laser cutting machine

Pipe laser cutting machine can realize the cutting of multiple pipe structure, inverted fish, groove or hole, notch and other possible ruler,

and shape characteristics of the processing. With the rapid growth of stainless steel tube production and consumption,

tube laser cutting machine is becoming more and more popular in industrial processing equipment.

In the pipe laser cutting machine processing, the tail material is a very headache, the longer the tail material, the greater the loss, the smaller the profit.

At present, most of the tail length of conventional laser cutting machine for pipe material on the market after cutting pipe material is above 800mm,

that is, 80cm. Tube laser cutting function to save manpower, improve the efficiency of cutting tube material. Compared with other cutting machines,

the power consumption of the tube laser cutting machine is small, the consumables are much lower than the above processing equipment, and it is more convenient to maintain.

Product introduction of zero - end tube laser cutting machine

Words dry: metal square tube, round tube, rectangular tube, elliptical tube, waist tube, D tube, hexagonal tube and other product tube cutting,

support pipe truncation, cutting hole, oblique cutting, hollow out, cutting shape, etc.. The cutting specifications of the tube laser cutting machine are 6m9m,

and the cutting length of the equipment with various specifications ranges from 1000W-3000W to 6M/9M. The tube laser cutting machine has automatic packing software,

which can be operated remotely.

Application industry: Equipment: sports fitness equipment, clothing props display rack, building materials, furniture kitchen and bathroom:

steel furniture, doors and Windows kitchen and bathroom, etc.

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