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The difference between laser cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning

The principle of laser cleaning machine is the use of laser irradiation on the surface of materials, produce a kind of thermal expansion coefficient change with dirt from processing material surface, at the same time, laser cleaning machine used in laser occur tens of millions of times in the process of cleaning, separated the dirt in the shock will be shattered laser so we in the use of the advantages of laser, Transferred to the appropriate parameters is more important, such materials can not in the process of the cleaning to be wounded by laser, a reasonable cleaning cleaning parameters can be done without damage, the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is supermarket, the cavitation in the liquid, the acceleration effect and the function of the straight into the flow of liquid and dirt of direct and indirect effect, make the dirt was scattered. Emulsification, separation to achieve the purpose of cleaning. At present, ultrasonic cleaning, cavitation and direct flow are used more in traditional cleaning methods. So both as cleaning equipment, what are the characteristics of the different? Today Xiaobian to tidy up.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasound as a generator, an ac frequency signal, through the transducer transformed into frequency mechanical shock, and spread to the medium (i.e., "bubble" in the cleaning fluid form cracking phenomena), when the "empty" at the moment to wash surface rupture, produces far more than 1000 the impact of the atmospheric pressure, The dirt in the surface space of the object is dispersed, broken and peeled.

Laser cleaning technology is to concentrate energy to a small space and time range on the dirt and substrate joint, make it vaporize or volatilize or instant thermal expansion to overcome the surface of particle adsorption force, so that it away from the surface of the object.


From the point of view of the respective principle characteristics, the difference between the two is that the laser cleaning operation is more convenient, generally handheld cleaning can be, do not need any medium, can directly clean the surface of the object, large area cleaning and precision parts cleaning effect is very good, the working temperature in -5°-50° can be.

And ultrasonic need to add the cleaning machine, ultrasonic power density is higher, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster, the better the cleaning result, but the precision of the high requirement of surface finish of workpiece, adopt the high power density of long time cleaning the workpiece surface will produce cavitation corrosion, ultrasound is suitable for cleaning is small in size, can't clear submicron particle pollution, cannot remove coatings, etc., These laser cleanings are not a problem.

The above is the difference between laser cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine, laser cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning has obvious advantages. It is efficient, fast, low cost, small thermal load and mechanical load of processing materials, cleaning for non-damage; Do not damage the health of the operator; Cleaning process is easy to realize automatic control, remote control cleaning and so on.

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