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W10 two-rolling machine the product description

W10 two-rolling machine the product description

1. It can meet the requirements of 0.3mm-6mm all kinds of metal sheets for round forming at one time, bringing unprecedented precision of wire meter round.

2.width up to 3000mm, the use of EPS automatic leveling technology, automatic adjustment of two axes parallel, eliminate the horn shaped workpiece.

3. automatic one - time coiling, high coiling efficiency, single machine can reach more than 400 pieces per day.

4. perfect arc, joint without obvious straight edge, no need for pre-bending and subsequent shaping.

5. all kinds of mirror, opening, film, Yin and Yang, coating and other sheet materials can be processed without damage.

6.large LCD display, one-button operation, no experience requirements, low labor intensity, no longer worry about operators job-hopping.

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