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W11S upper roll universal plate winding machine

The main features of universal W11S plate winding machine:

Super group products unique bending process precision, high precision end pre-bending, continuous bending without back Angle, bending process digital control man-machine dialogue control interface, efficient intelligent operation of physical bending process software, man-machine dialogue window, bending process automatic compensation. Single operation, efficient, safe, convenient and rich bending shape with winding O, U, R and other different shapes.

Upper roll universal bending machine technical description:

High precision end prebending W11S plate winding machine

When the end is pre-bending, the straight edge length can be set freely, and the upper roll is pressed down. Under a certain pressure, the high-precision pre-bending can be implemented.

Product precision super group

As a result of continuous bending, and high precision end pre-bending, so as to obtain super precision products; In addition, the upper roller is in the shape of a drum, and the supporting roller is adjusted to roll ideal products in a wide range from thin plate to thick plate.

NC control high production efficiency

One person operation, simple operation, greatly improved efficiency.

Different uses, corresponding control methods

According to the use, there are the following control methods

TNC(upper NC) : many varieties and small quantity production

T&BNC(upper and lower NC) : a small amount of weight for mass production

CNC(CNC) : many varieties of mass production

Rich curved shapes

With roll O type, U type, multi section R and other different shapes, the way

O-bend: rear bend

U-bend: bend at the front

Special bending: combined type

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