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W11S- Upper roll universal type plate winding machine main overview

W11S- Upper roll universal type plate winding machine main overview

This machine is a hydraulic three-roller plate rolling machine, which is used for loading carbon steel and low alloy steel for all kinds of containers at normal temperature without turning round to complete the plate end pre-bending, winding and setting circle and other processes.

The upper roller can move vertically and horizontally.

Prebending is achieved by moving the upper roll horizontally so that the upper roll is in an asymmetrical position with respect to the lower roll.

Round through the motor, reducer drive two rolls.

Due to the constant elevation of the lower roll, it is easy to feed and operate.

Provide detailed electrical schematic diagram, electrical wiring is carried out in strict accordance with the drawing,

the numbers at both ends of each wire connection are clear and complete,

and the same line number mark is affixed to the wire terminal block, and corresponding marks are made on the electrical wiring diagram and schematic diagram.

All the electrical equipment used by well-known enterprises quality products, electrical protection devices (such as current relay, air switch, etc.) before installation for strict testing, and ensure reliable operation.

Hydraulic components used in the equipment are products of Shanxi Yuci Oil Research.

The equipment runs smoothly, the control is flexible, no jam, oil leakage and abnormal noise.

The paint surface is smooth and bright, the thickness of the paint mold is uniform, and there is no flow mark, leakage and spray defects.

The tipping frame adopts hydraulic pressure, which is faster.

The vertical displacement of the upper roller adopts hydraulic transmission, while the horizontal movement adopts mechanical transmission.

The equipment has high reliability and low failure rate.

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