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W12 series four roll plate rolling machine-high precision and good roundness after coiling!

W12 series four roll plate rolling machine

1. Adopting the unique torsional shaft synchronous structure in China, high precision and good roundness after coiling! (Previous models slide guide, slide way easy to be worn by iron filings, affecting the accuracy and service life of the machine)

2. Full hydraulic motor drive, environmental protection and energy saving.

3. Short straight edge, good pre-bending effect! It is more suitable for rolling tapered cylinders.

4. The plate winding process only needs one pass to complete, including bilateral pre-bending, the plate winding speed, high efficiency, the most easy to operate, only needs one operator.

5. With automatic alignment, clamping function, the plate will not slide, run off.

6. With anti-overload, hydraulic protection function.

7. It has the characteristics of anti-wear and permanent free lubrication.

8. Small drum diameter (can be rolled less than the upper roller diameter 1.1 times of the drum, and linear sliding guide plate coiling machine can be rolled drum diameter 1.4-0.5 times the upper roller diameter).

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