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WC67K-125T2500 break press machine this section for installation adjustment

Generally use T8 or T10, T10A, and better 42CrMo material, it mainly requires high strength, high toughness and good wear resistance, the selection of cold die steel. C*MoV is a good material. The service performance can be met, the process performance is good, the price will be high.42CrMo is a high strength alloy tempered steel, high strength, strength and toughness. Can work below 500 degrees.

WC67K-125T2500 break press machine the usage specification for this paragraph

1. Switch on the power supply of the bending machine, turn the key switch, press the oil pump to start, and the oil pump of the bending machine starts to rotate. At this time, the machine has not started to work.

2. travel adjustment, in the formal start of the bending machine mold bending work needs to test. When the bending machine dies down to the first part, there must be a gap of plate thickness. Otherwise, the mold and machine will be damaged. The adjustment of travel is also electric quick adjustment and manual fine tuning.

3. The groove selection of the bending machine die is generally 8 times the width of the plate thickness. If bending 4mm sheet material, you need to choose about 32 notches.

4.check the bending machine under the mold overlap and robustness; Check whether the positioning devices meet the requirements of processing. Check the overlap of upper and lower mold frequently; Whether the indication of the pressure gauge is in conformity with the regulations.

5. The sheet material must be compacted when bending to prevent the sheet material from cocking up and injuring the operator when bending.

6. When the plate material is pressed, the power supply must be cut off and the operation shall be stopped.

7. When changing the opening of the lower die of the variable bending machine, no material is allowed to contact with the lower die.

8. It is forbidden to use the bending machine mold to fold ultra-thick iron plate or quenched steel plate, alloy steel, square steel and sheet material exceeding the performance of sheet metal bending machine, so as to avoid damage to the machine tool.

9. Close the bending machine, place a wooden block on the lower die under the oil cylinder on both sides, and lower the upper slide to the wooden block. First exit the control system program, then cut off the power supply.

Main motor servo-930x620

Fold and edit this section for installation adjustment

When installing the mold of the bending machine, it is necessary to check the state of the equipment, and then install and debug according to the steps. Pay attention to personal safety when debugging.

Adjustment of folding machine

When installing the mold of the bending machine, we should first understand the performance of the machine, open the bending machine, patiently adjust and check to see if the machine can have the dust used before, as well as the iron debris and so on. To prevent the later use of unnecessary trouble.

Folding slider stroke adjustment

First, check whether the ratio between the mold thickness of the bending machine and the upper and lower modules is normal. Generally, the slider needs to be controlled on the switch point of the travel line. This must be paid attention to, otherwise, the mold cannot be used normally, but some people still often make such mistakes.

Folding stroke module adjustment

After adjusting the slider travel standard, the next is the upper limit of the module to adjust, generally speaking, the module to *, is to set the module and switch. This can be to flow out of the module to stay in the location, through some of the above operations, then you can greatly increase the production efficiency. In this process, it is also necessary to slow down the module. When the module goes down to the bottom dead point, it must slow down the module, which protects the machine and the mold.

Folding gap adjustment

Finally, the gap between the molds of the bending machine is adjusted. First, the gap between the upper module and the lower module is measured. The reasonable gap needs to be determined according to the folded plate.

Folding Angle adjustment

Adjusting the bending Angle is also the most important link, the Angle selection must be related to the product requirements, generally speaking, folding 90° mold, then the Angle must be set in the middle Angle must be greater than the Angle on both sides, sometimes may be tight, can be handled by adjusting the screw on the machine. After adjustment, do not modify the product if it does not change the requirements. Then when bending, through the pressure gauge, calculate the accurate pressure figure, and pressure adjustment. So as not to cause mold breakage.

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