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WC67K-125T3200 Bending Machine Slider Can Not Work into Bending or Bending Speed Is Very Slow How to Do?

WC67K-125T3200  Bending machine slider can not work into bending or bending speed is very slow, what is the reason, how to solve?

1. Fault cause:

(1) The slider of the bending machine does not reach the speed change point.

(2) The bending parameters of the Y-axis of the system are not set properly.

(3) Insufficient pressure, such as programming operation reasons, machine tool parameter setting reasons, hydraulic reasons, etc.

2. Solution:

(1) Check whether the state of the Y-axis of the bending machine changes from "2" to "3". The actual value of the Y-axis should be greater than the value of the speed change point. If not, some parameters of fast forward need to be adjusted.

(2) Re-adjust the bending parameters of Y-axis of the bending machine.

(3) Check whether it is the reason of programming operation, parameter setting, or hydraulic reason. The pressure gauge and multimeter can be used to test the signal of the main pressure and proportional pressure valve, and then check whether the proportional pressure valve and the main pressure reducing valve are stuck, and then check the filter element and oil, and finally check the oil pump and its coupling.

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