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The structure and function of WC67K-80T 2500 Hydraulic Press Brake machine

WC67K-80T 2500 Hydraulic Press Brake machine is the carbon steel, stainless steel and including Angle steel, strip steel, steel,

fistulas and other non-ferrous metal profiles rolled into rings and flanges of high quality, high efficiency bending installation.

It has the advantages of special structure, small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, convenient installation and use without noise,

simple operation, strong load-bearing energy, long furnace life, fast bending speed, reliable quality of goods and so on.

Replace the original steel blanking, docking, teaching, lathe polishing and other complex processes and save oxygen,

acetylene, labor, raw materials, is the progress of the manufacture of flange.

WC67K-80T 2500 Hydraulic Press Brake machine is widely used in machinery, aircraft, automobiles, electrical appliances, ships,

containers, instruments, packaging, stainless steel products and decoration and other industries

Consolidate the promotion of skills, quality of the vigorous, continue to shape the national numerical control bending machine name.

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Reputation is what people should do, because it sets off every personal personality, if the bending machine manufacturer,

it sets off the coordinate of the manufacturer in people's hearts, resulting in the rights and interests of individuals and a manufacturer and quality problems.

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the way will only go more and more narrow, will eventually have no way out. So we will put our credibility in place no matter what we do.

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