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Wc67y-100t /4000 CNC bending machine working principle

Wc67y-100t /4000 CNC bending machine working principle

This machine has high productivity and certain bending accuracy in bending metal sheet.

When bending different thickness, different shape or different size of the sheet should choose different shape under

the die or different opening size of the V-groove under the die Wc67y-100t /4000 CNC bending machine .

The bending force is obtained from the bending pressure gauge or bending force calculation formula of sheet metal.

Due to the use of hydraulic transmission, so in the work will not be due to the thickness of the sheet change,

or under the mold V kai improper selection caused by serious overload accidents. In addition, the work is smooth,

the mechanical noise is small, the operation is convenient,

especially in the whole working stroke all have the same rated pressure.

The machine works smoothly, low noise and easy to operate.

The lower die is equipped with compensation mechanism to ensure higher bending accuracy in the whole bending length.

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