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WC67Y-400T/4000 hydraulic sheet bending machine

400 tons 4 meters hydraulic bending machine also known as WC67Y-400T/4000 hydraulic sheet bending machine adopts all steel welding structure,

vibration aging eliminate stress, has good rigidity and high strength, keep high precision;

The whole frame has good rigidity, stable work, safe and reliable, easy to operate;

The principle of elasticity is introduced to effectively control the deformation of structural parts WC67Y-400T/4000 hydraulic sheet bending machine,

so satisfactory bending members can be obtained. Moving up bending design, smooth work, convenient operation, complete;

The machine frame, slider, worktable and other main parts are made of CNC large floor boring and milling machine by clamping and finishing,

to ensure the geometric accuracy requirements of the host; The machine guide adopts advanced self-lubricating materials,

without regular lubrication and maintenance; The design stiffness of worktable, column,

beam and slide block is high, the deformation of worktable and slide block is small when bending,

and the products have good straightness and Angle consistency;

The slide block has the function of maintaining calendering time at the bottom dead center to ensure the accuracy of working parts.

400 tons 4 meters bending machine -400T/4000 hydraulic sheet bending machine has good rigidity and stability;

The whole frame is rigid, stable, safe and reliable, and easy to operate.

For the price of this equipment, please contact Candy Wang at 183 2557 2889

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