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WC67Y-400T6000 hydraulic plate bending machine Structure of the whole machine

I. WC67Y-400T6000 hydraulic plate bending machine  Structure of the whole machine

The machine adopts the whole machine welding structure, the frame is composed of left and right wall panels, work table, oil tank, brace, synchronous shaft and slide block, etc.

II. Technology and process

1, Integrated hydraulic control system, compact structure, reduce the pipeline connection, improve the reliability and maintainability of the system.

2, the use of torsional shaft synchronization, at both ends of the slider is equipped with two synchronous swing arms, so that the slider movement is always parallel to the work table, the anti-deflection load ability is strong.The lower limit stroke of the cylinder is fixed by mechanical stopper, and the bending Angle does not drift during continuous work.The upper die is equipped with deflection compensation mechanism, so the folding precision is high.

3, stopper and slider stroke adjustment, manual fine tuning, digital display.The hydraulic power unit is compact in structure and easy to install. It adopts an integrated hydraulic valve block with oil channels and joints limited to a certain extent. The sliding block drives on, the speed adjustment range is large, and the work is stable and reliable.

4, the upper die is equipped with deflection compensation mechanism, easy to adjust.

Three, configuration,

Cylinder main sealing ring: Japan walka

Main electrical components: Siemens

Hydraulic valve: Haimen hydraulic parts

Oil pump: Shanghai gear oil pump

Cylinder: quenching and tempering of 45 steel forging parts, fine boring and extruding of inner hole.

Piston rod: No. 45 steel quenching and tempering treatment, round hard chrome plating fine grinding.

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