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Wc67y-600t /6000 series hydraulic plate bending machine High efficiency

Wc67y-600t /6000 series hydraulic plate bending machine High efficiency:

high cost performance full CNC electro-hydraulic bending machine for the overall welding structure, The whole machine of boring machine is standard 3+1 axis.

The standard configuration is CT-8 CNC system from CYBELEC of Switzerland with original installation and high performance proportional

hydraulic system imported from Germany with optical scale from Europe with high performance servo motor and drive with internal high pressure gear pump from SUYYN of America

The rear stopper is standard with linear guide rail and ball screw from Taiwan Wc67y-600t /6000 series hydraulic plate bending.

The oil cylinder from Shanghai Heyuan is standard with LED lighting.

The sealing parts from Germany EMB or Parker are standard with German GS sleeve joint Equipped with a set of standard upper and lower molds for users to choose other configurations (quoted separately)

1. Main motor optional servo motor

2. Italy ESA company other CNC system

3. CYBELEC of Switzerland other CNC systems

4, Ningbo torsion shaft bending machine. The Netherlands DELEM company CNC system

5, Ningbo twisted shaft bending machine, Ningbo twisted shaft bending machine. Optional double machine linkage

6. Optional CNC control Z1\Z2 axis

7. Optional CNC control R axis

8. Optional CNC Z1\Z2 axis

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