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What is the main control part of the wc67y hydraulic press brake?

The electro-hydraulic control system in the wc67y hydraulic press brake can be divided into open loop control system and closed loop control system.

The beam of the bending machine is the main control part of the system.

1. The closed loop

The closed loop is also known as a feedback control system. The system compares the measured value of the system output with the expected given value,

so as to produce the deviation signal, and then uses the signal deviation to control and adjust, so that the output value can be close to the expected value.

While driving, for instance, the first person in the brain of the car driving direction have a preliminary perception, in the process of driving the car,

the man in the car driving direction with eyes to observe and compare the car driving direction and the direction of the desired,

constantly adjust the direction in the process, after make the car driving direction constantly close to the target direction, forming a closed loop control.

Closed-loop control is based on the operation of each part of the machine tool, with high precision and reaction speed.

Because closed-loop control system involves many elements, compared with open-loop system, the whole system structure is more complex and the price is higher.

2. Open loop

Open loop is compared to closed loop, that is, open loop control does not feedback the current system control results. Like, throw things.

Once something is thrown, there is no control over what is thrown. For as soon as things leave the hand, man's control over them ceases.

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