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WC67Y- Specifications for inspection of finished products of hydraulic sheet bending machine series

Structure and performance

1. Bend the specimen according to the WC67Y hydraulic sheet bending machine tonnage of the machine tool, and test whether the specimen and tonnage of the machine tool meet the design requirements.

2, check the reliability of the safety device;Various operation standard tests of slider running to check the flexibility and reliability of its action;Verify the flexibility and reliability of various adjustment mechanisms;Check the accuracy and reliability of various indicators and counters;Check the flexibility and reliability of auxiliary devices;Check the sealing of the hydraulic system, whether there is leakage;Check the pressure holding performance of the hydraulic system;Check the flexibility and reliability of various interlock protection devices;

3. To ensure the running state of the machine tool, it must be empty running for 4 hours, and the temperature of the oil tank should not exceed 50°C;Continuous operation for 1.30 hours, single operation for 2 hours, temperature rise should not exceed 60°C

4, sliding bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35°C;Temperature rise of rolling bearing should not exceed 40°C;The height temperature rise of sliding rolling bearings should not exceed 70°C.

5. Check whether the machine tool has abnormal scream;The noise decibel meter should not exceed 85 decibel.

6. Check whether the clearance contact surface of each moving part meets the standard.

7. Check whether the electrical box device is firm;Whether the safety signs are complete;Protective device, neat and reliable electrical wiring;Whether the fastener assembly meets the standard.

8, check whether the paint is implemented paint process operation;The appearance of the machine tool is bright and perfect.

9. Check the accessories, tools and accessories of the machine to meet the design requirements.

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