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What is the reason why WE67K CNC bending machine cannot start

WE67K CNC bending machine what fault can not start, for CNC bending machine, we have a certain degree of understanding and understanding,

but want to in practice, smooth and efficient use of this mechanical equipment, or to have sufficient theoretical knowledge, so as to achieve the goal.

CNC bending machine, its can not start, what is the specific reason?

CNC bending machine, if it is not able to start, then its inspection process, and CNC shearing machine is about the same.

As for the specific reasons, I think there are the following:

Reason one: CNC bending machine, the power supply used by the problem, can not be normal power supply.

Reason two: the mold of the bending machine, in terms of consistency and firmness, does not meet the requirements specified.

Reason three: the positioning device on the equipment has a problem, or its various control parts, and buttons, etc., are not in the correct position,

so that the CNC bending machine can not start normally. This point, is similar to the CNC shearing machine, so in the CNC shearing machine, can also be used.

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